Conditions Treated

Retinal vein occlusion

Retinal vein occlusion is a blockage of a vein that drains blood from the eye. This can cause extensive haemorrhage or bleeding inside the eye, with associated fluid leakage within the retina. This results in a relatively sudden change in people’s vision.


Treatments for retinal vein occlusion

If diagnosed early, treatment options can result in retention of good central vision and even a return to almost normal vision. In some cases though, vision loss is total and irreversible. Dr Warrier can offer expert diagnosis and treatment of vein occlusions. Treatments include intra-ocular injections or laser or a combination of the two.

Importantly, risk factors associated with these vein blockages must be addressed. As a medical specialist, Dr Warrier will assess whether you require further tests, as well as organise to liase with your GP or other specialists to try and minimise the risk of the occlusion occurring in your other eye.