Conditions Treated

Conjunctival tumours

Lesions of the conjunctiva or surface tissue of the eye can be benign or malignant. Most of these lesions have some characteristic suspicious features, but in other cases, though appearing benign, may in fact be malignant lesions. Dr Warrier offers expert assessment and management options in regards to these lesions. Many of these lesions are related to sun exposure and hence are very common in Queensland.

conjuctival tumour

Image of conjunctival tumour

Treatments for conjunctival tumours

Treatment options include excisional biopsy using a no-touch technique, to ascertain the nature of the lesion. This may then be followed by topical chemotherapy drops or local plaque radiation depending on the histological features of the lesion. Some people may choose observation of indeterminate lesions until they exhibit signs of malignancy such as growth. This is done with serial digital photography at the initial and then, follow up visits.