Conditions Treated

Macular degeneration

This is the leading cause of vision loss in Australia. It occurs as ageing changes in the back of your eye cause loss of central vision. The part of your eye which determines how well you can see details, such as print, television and peoples’ faces is known as the MACULA.  Changes to its function can alter your ability to see clearly in front of you. There are 2 types of macular degeneration. Dry ARMD is a slow, irreversible change, which is not currently treatable but will not usually end up in total blindness. This can convert to Wet ARMD , which can cause rapid central visual loss. If detected early, treatment with intra-ocular injections of medicines can halt the process and even improve patient’s vision in some cases. Dr Warrier has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating macular degeneration.

Macular Degeneration

Effects of macular degeneration